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Four Reasons To Ride Across Australia on the IndianPacific

Most involve windscreen glare, broken crank shafts and far too many pub schnitzels. Then there's the Indian Pacific train ride, 4352 kilometres between Sydney and Perth over four days. On this.

A complete guide to the Indian Pacific Train what to expect, the cabins, the food, the

To book this package please call or email [email protected]. Call 1800 703 357. A journey aboard the iconic Indian Pacific train will whisk you between Adelaide and Perth in comfort and style. With routes between the Indian and Pacific oceans, step onboard for an all-inclusive rail holiday you'll never forget.

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Engage with the country's rich history, explore its cultural depths and bask in the ever-changing scenery. Our Indian Pacific packages offer a unique and unforgettable journey, combining comfort, luxury and the allure of exploration. The Indian Pacific. The Indian Pacific represents the pinnacle of luxury train travel in Australia.

Australia’s Iconic Rail Indian Pacific vs The Ghan Trailfinders

The Red Class on the Indian Pacific. The Red Class is the much more budget section of the Indian Pacific (as opposed to the luxurious Gold Class), and that is then separated into two subclasses: Red Sleeper Class and Red Day Nighter Class. Red Sleeper Class. The Red Sleeper Class provides private cabins for 2 people that also have their own beds.

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For smoking, there is a fine of Rs 100 under Sectio 167 of the Railways Act. Either a co-passenger can complain, or the Railway Police can catch them.

The Indian Pacific Australia's Longest Train Journey (2019)

1 - To experience a journey you'll never forget. It's rare that I've ever had a memorable flight (and usually it's for all the wrong reasons!) but I can honestly say the train journey across Australia on the Indian Pacific is one that I will never forget. Views from the train window. It's the landscape - the chance to really see it.

The Ghan and Indian Pacific Trains

Prices. Interested in experiencing this train journey yourself. The Gold Service Twin, I traveled in, was AU $2420* from Perth to Sydney. The Platinum Service is AU $3890* from Perth to Sydney. The Red Service day/night seat starts from AU $840*, but you might want to check out the rail passes, as they offer a special deal in this service.

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The Indian Pacific is a better train than the Ghan because it is a transcontinental trip that will take you from the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern coast, to the Indian Ocean on the Western Coast. However, if you would like to see the country from North to South, the Ghan is as equally grand and opulent.

Luxury Experience Onboard the Indian Pacific Train in Australia

The Gold Access Room on the train. Back on board, the cute illuminated room-number sign drags me into a black-and-white-movie world from the one-and-a-half-person-width corridor. It feels like I should be wearing a soft-brown, double-breasted suit and felt fedora, grappling with a large broadsheet newspaper, as a smouldering Marlene Dietrich.

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1800 703 357 (In Australia) +61 8 8213 4401 (Outside Australia) Contact Us Form. Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm (ACST) Saturday & Sunday 9.00am - 5.00pm (ACST) Train Journeys. The Ghan. Indian Pacific. Great Southern.

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A journey aboard the iconic Indian Pacific will whisk you between Perth, Adelaide and Sydney in comfort and style. With epic transcontinental crossings between the Indian and Pacific oceans, step onboard for an all-inclusive train holiday you'll never forget. Duration: More than 3 hours.

Indian Pacific Rail Service Facts, History & Location

The Ghan, Indian Pacific and Great Southern. Smoking. All Journey Beyond Rail trains are entirely smoke free in accordance with relevant state government regulations. You must not smoke (including e-cigarettes) on the train. Alcohol & Illicit Drugs. Our trains are licensed premises. You are not permitted to bring onboard any containers of.

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The Indian Pacific is a weekly experiential tourism passenger train service that runs in Australia's east-west rail corridor between Sydney, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, and Perth, on the shore of the Indian Ocean - thus, like its counterpart in the north-south corridor, The Ghan, one of the few truly transcontinental trains in the world.It first ran in 1970 after the completion of.

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Come for a trip on Australia's most epic railway journey, The Indian Pacific, all the way from Sydney to Perth via Adelaide and the Nullarbor.This is a four-.

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The Indian Pacific is a luxurious, 774m train that journeys between Sydney and Perth. It's one of the world's great train journeys along with its sister, The Ghan. Named after the two oceans surrounding the east and west of Australia, the 4,352km cross-country train ride includes the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world..